Stellenbosch Trip

Today we went to the Farm from Angus in Stellenbosch. We saw a lot of animals like pigs, cows, chickens … More

Regenerative Farming

I think this regenerative way of farming is very important, because often animals are not treated right. In factory farming, … More

Redbus tour :)

We drove with Red Bus from Capetown today and learned a lot. For example, Not everybody knew that the table … More

Poolparty and Pizzabaking

The day Started beautiful. First we had breakfast and we were swimming. From the Swimming pool you have a beautiful … More

Around Rosendaal

Today we got to show the Germans around our wonderful school and what the basic routine of a learning South … More

Raven and Carl

1) For which reason were people removed from district six? Because the then national party of South african decided that … More

What is permaculture for me?

Today we learned a lot about the Permaculture. For us is permaculture very important. It’s more environmentally friendly and all … More

Day 2: summary

Today we drove to Delft right after breakfast. There we went to Rosendaal High School, where our African exchange students … More