Questions about District six

1. For which reason were people removed from District six?
„Because of their Skin colour and Religion and that they could live together no matter were they came from or what they believed in. The State didn‘t think it was Great because it thought white people were better. Officially it‘s demolished because it was a Slums Quarter, which isn‘t entfiele true.“ -Anzio and Richard
„Because of the color of the skin and the religion. The white man wanted the space all for himself.“ -Nele and Gretchen
„Because Specific White people don’t like it, they were telling white and black people cannot live together so district six Shows the opposite. And because the Good location of the Area and the high value. They die it because white people should have it.“ -Carl
„Because of their skin. Withe people said it is there area. They removed them from there. The others don‘t belong there anymore.“ -Cleo and Emily
„Because By new legislation that would benefit white people and violence that would be inflicted on people living in District Six.“ -Lilli and Lisa
„Because the government wanted to destroy District 6 to get more housing for white people. People of colour had to move to get this space, even though everyone lived peacefully together.“ -Mathilda and Tamia

„People were separated because of the color of their skin. Cultural aspects have also divided the population. This split meant that dark people were seen as inferior to whites. District six was a thorn in the government’s eye. Because there people of different ethnicities lived together in a utopia.“ -Lilly and Lisa
2. What was the ideology behind it?
„That White people are a “better race” and should be seperated from black people.“ -Anzio and Richard
„The ideology was that white people are more important than every other people. It is the nazi ideology.“ -Carl
„The ideology of the Nazis. Only whites are allowed to have power.“ -Emily and Cleo
„People think people of color are worth less than white people. Just because they’re Color of skin.“ -Mathilda and Tamia
3. How does the experience of forad removal Connect
„We belive that it is connected because there were coloured people living in district 6 and due to them being forcefully removed they all had to move to empty land for a place to live which is what delft is a part of because it was said that the area that delft is uninhabitable but because they had no choice they had to move.“ -Anzio and Richard
„People from district 6 were removed to Delft which was uninhabitable and not a place for people to live. They all were colored people and had no land for a place to live.“ -Nele and Gretchen
4. How does South African history of Apartheid Connect to German history?
„The Idea of Apartheid is inspired of the German Nazi History, so we think the German Nazi History is connected to the Apartheid system in Sa.“ -Anzio and Richard
„It is related to the Nazis again. The mindset of the Nazi. Only one race should is allowed to dominant and determine all other races. It is the foundation for the apartheid.“ -Carl
„Ideological separation like in World War II.“ -Lilli and Lisa

„The history of South Africa resembles in some parts the history of the German Nazi era. In South Africa were black people, white people would be separated in Germany the youth from the Aryans were separated and killed.“ -Lilly and Lisa
5. What did this removal mean for people psychologically and physically?
„Their houses were distroyed and they were seperated from their gamily and friends and had to live in a place called uninhabitable, so i think they were psychological at the end and were sad and depressed.
And we think it must be very hard to build a new city out of the ground with no tools, food or shelter.“ – Anzio and Richard
„They had to move to a place that they didn’t know and their houses were destroyed. They started at a 0 point so the only thing they have of district 6 is the memories. They obviously felt maybe very empty and lost. So the mental health were also destroyed.“ -Nele and Gretchen
„It wasn’t fair, they didn’t do anything and still expelled. They were treated like outsiders. What didn’t really know what was going on. Many of them lost there job.“ -Emily and Cleo
The advertisment Knows people that are very good and make good thinks and Black People stole them the jobs and that they are Just Workers for white people.“ -Lilli and Lisa

„The residents of District Six were forcibly forced to leave their homes and homes. In the population they were brainwashed, serving that white people would be better than the black dot black people are considered unclean unclean and good enough. Which, of course, is absolutely not the case. By which he himself. These events happened to many former residents of the Traumatas neighborhood, causing them to ride on the wrong track. She does not have the opportunity to talk either financially with therapists or any other person. Thus, they tried to numb their feelings with drugs or alcohol. The effects are still being felt today. Many people have long distances to the city, which makes them unable to work. Only 40% of the neighborhood work. The Corona pandemic has made things worse. Many more people have lost their jobs.“ -Lilly and Lisa

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