Poolparty and Pizzabaking

The day Started beautiful. First we had breakfast and we were swimming. From the Swimming pool you have a beautiful view to the Ozean. After we were swimming we ate lunch. We made a yummy watermelon feta salad with Rice and egg.
In the afternoon we drove to Warren and Met There the other people. We Player Tabletennis, volleyball and go in the Pool from Warren. We also made pizza by Warren. Alot of Pizza, the neighbors from Warren made for us the Pizzadought. Alot of Pizzadought and we cutted the topings for the Pizza. We needed a lot time for it because it was alot of Peppers, mushrooms, cheese and more. We baked the Pizza in a Stoneoven. So it toke alot of time to make all of the pizzas but the were soo delicious. While we waited we listened to some music and danced.

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