Day 2: summary

Today we drove to Delft right after breakfast. There we went to Rosendaal High School, where our African exchange students go to school. On the way there, we got a lot of impressions of the neighborhood. The living conditions there have shocked us very much and are the complete opposite of what we are used to from Germany. Particularly frightening has been the way people and animals live among the garbage. The adults and children begging at the intersections waiting for money or eat. These moments have touched and made each one of us think. Emaciated dogs and horses that have been looking for food on the side of the road between and in the garbageand made pity.

When we arrived at the school, we were received extremely warmly. At school we went to different classes and introduced ourselves. The smiling and radiant faces and eyes radiated so much warmth and put a smile on our faces.

In the course of the day, we started to deal with the issue of permaculture garden. The project was presented to us by two experts. We learned how much work and planning is involved in this project. The experts told us which environmental factors are important in order to achieve the best possible yield.


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