Learning about Art

Having fun with the artist on arriving at the camp was a blast! From painting together to jamming together . The creative energy I discovered amongst the German and South African students was mind blowing we shared experiences and created unforgettable moments.


We had to paint and create something that represents the 7 words we chose which was

1. *Hate* 5. *Reality*

2. *Weakness* 6. *Trust*

3. *Nightmare* 7. *Love*

4. *War*


we decided to separate the positive from the negative .

And with that i wrote a poem which is the following: _Climate change is a nightmare we face, as its reality threatens our roots. Trust and love will uplift us, but our weakness in combating it fuels war and hate. To change this narrative, we must confront its reality with trust, love, and unity to safeguard our planet’s future._



South African

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