What is permaculture for me?

Today we learned a lot about the Permaculture. For us is permaculture very important. It’s more environmentally friendly and all plants live in balance so it’s ecologically and socially compatible. We also think that we should give the earth the power, we stole with monocultures, back so the earth has the power it needs to regenerate and grow healthy food to feed everyone.

-Richard & Nele-

Permaculture is a system were every plant supports the other to grow. 
There are so many advantages. Because we not only take from nature, we also give something back. If we start to use them more, it could be a good way to support our food supply. It is a process many generations worked on and now we can profit from their experience. This is impressive.


My opinion is that is it climate friendly. It is a system where each plant help each other.Everyone can grow one themselves and everyone helps each other.


Before we start with the theory of permaculture gardening, we should gather our knowledge.
What is permaculture?
I haven’t really thought about it, if only in the context of a garden. From the word you can guess that it has something to do with permanent and culture. But I only came up with the culture part because Imraan mentioned it.
For me, the centre of permaculture has always been plants, but it is so multi-layered and multi-faceted, it is such an all-encompassing and complex subject


For me permanculture is connected to human care and Earth Care. It has a Smart System. Every plant Supports the other plant, so they can grow. It is environmentally Friendly. It Sounds very difficult but I think of you once Unterstand the system, it is easy.


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