A day in the national park

Personal perspective:

My perspective of that day was really wonderful seeing the Eagles knowing how they are born and they are the same as human beings I felt I never knew that it is so so wonderful and knowing that the Eagles are kicked out of the a few weeks of being birthed and it is wonderful just knowing that what’s happening in nature by animals and all of that as I say it is so so exciting to see more countries to read up more of the nature of animals and everything my scene in the bus it was very very nice I almost sleeped yeah.

I even loved the amazing soft Mercedes Benz bus oh it was wonderful being in that bus playing in the park power fullstop been using all the little fishies in outlook animals that beyond on a daily basis ek was very wonderful and hope to see more soon

What we learned: 

The Müritz national park is the biggest of 16 national parks in Germany. It consists of two related parts and has an area of 322 km2. that’s about the same size as Munich. The motto of every national park is: let nature be nature. One highlight of the Müritz national park is the osprey. Each year thousands of visitors come to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to see the osprey. The national park-team invented a Camera to watch the ospreys nest. So the visitors get the possibility to watch the eagle in their natural habitat. The osprey is one of the birds, which fly to Africa during winter because it becomes to cold for them in Germany. He flys to Cameroon and Senegal and stays there the whole winter. In summer the osprey come back to Germany and lay 1 to 3 eggs. If it don’t rain during summer, the chicks will survive. If it rains too much the parent ospreys must protect their chicks from the rain, because if they get wet, they would freeze to death. But because the adult ospreys have to protect their chicks, they have less time for hunting. That’s why only the strongest chick would survive. After 50 days the chicks are ready to leave the nest. They can fly, but they are not yet able to hunt. During the learning process, they still have to be fed by their parents. If the young osprey learned how to catch fishes, he don’t returns to the nest. Ospreys feed only on fish. That’s why this is a very important skill. 

The osprey is under Nature conservation. That means, that people can neither chase him nor scare him away. This was a big problem for fishermen, because an osprey hunts up to 160kg of fish in a season that are potential gain for fishermen’s. 

Blake, Ashlinn and Mathilda

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