What do you learned today?

I learnt alot about Compost and fermented plant Juice. My Highlight was the whole day. I really liked to make the compost


I’ve learnt so many things today like how to make fruit juice which is for the fertiliser and that was literally my highlight of the day it was fun working together.

I’ve also learnt how to make my own composted and how to check for micro-organisms.


Hi my name is Anzio Kaye.

Highlight• I applied for my passport and identity card successfully💳🛫

Learn• from what I heard, the Germans are hard workers💪

Feel• I feel tired but also happy that everything went well😁

—Anzio Kaye—

My highlight of today was making juice the Korean way. Also making the compost. We learnt, how important the Ph value is for plants, as they no longer absorb minerals above a certain value.


My name is Blake Arendse 

HOW I FEEL TODAY: i feel very tired and happy to listen what you learned today.

My highlight: I mad my passport 😊😊

—Blake Arendse—

– My highlight of the day was that once the Germans are given a task they leave none of they’re energy behind towards completing the task

-What I’ve learned today was if you wanna find out if soil contains insects you first have to kill them

-I’ve also learned that it takes only seventh days to see results with the compost we’ve created for our permaculture garden


I feel very happy and grateful, and what I learned today was  about the 4 foundational ecosystem process – health of ecosystem. My highlight was knowing how to make my own fertilizer and how to test the soil .

—Lissa Chinogaramombe—

I feel very well. Today I had learn how we build a Compost like a Lasagne it’s Import to make a  go soil for the plants but my Highlight is the plante Juice. It’s good  to know for Home

—Lilli S.—

How I feel: I feel very happy and exhausted at the same time 

What I learnt: Today I learnt how to make composted ,fruit juice and vegetable juice 

My highlight: You have to kill the microorganisms if you want to find it in the sand 

—Cheslee Charles—

My highlight was to make a compost. I learned how to get a fermented fruit juice. It was nice to spent this day with you guys.

—Lilly F.—

Today I learned how to make your own fertilizer. My highlight was building the compost together. It was a lot of fun.


Today I’ve learned how to do a compost and that it’s very easy to do a fertilizer on your own. My highlights of today were to build the compost and also the interview.

—Lisa H.—


Today I learned how to make a composter and fermented plant juice. I guess the fermented juice were also my highlight today because we also had a lot of fun while doing it.


I learned that there is a liquid fertilizer. My highlight was to build the composter and made my own liquid fertilizer.


Today I learned how to properly build a compost. my highlight was that we built a compass together.





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