A natural disaster we will never forget inCape town delft

Climate change has effected south africans in a way that no one can imagine. Two years ago we almost became the first global city to run out of water. We experienced very little rain which caused our land to go into a period of extreme drought. Our land had very little water resources which caused us to cut down on indigenous trees to save water. We had a huge water crisis called “Day 0”. The drought started in 2018 and we are still effected in 2023. The drought really affected the water usage in our homes. We had to think twice before doing the laundry and when you used up all the water you had to wait a lonv period of time before we can get water. By law we were not allowed to use a garden hise to water our crops instead we used a watering can. In southern africa the climate change is increasing because our land is very vulnerable because we have a high dependance on soil and a less developed agricultural system. Our people are very connected to the rain and that causes low food security. We are vulnerable because we are not use to change. Kenya nad Tanzania all depend on hidropower for energy which means that when there is a water shortage theres also a power crisis.


Cape town



  1. Very good writing.
    My only problem is to understand „our people are very connected to the rain and that causes…“
    Could you please elaborate?

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