Trip to Robben Island

In the morning of the 2 of march we had a lecture about planning our beds for the permaculture garden. After that we took a ship to Robben Island and saw a lot of animals like dolphins and southern right whales, which was very cool. When we arrived at Robben Island, we took a bus into the Robben Island prison.

The Robben Island prison is a former prison which was used from 1961 to 1991 for mainly politcal prisoners in the south african apartheid. After 1991 it was used as a regular prison till 1996 and since 1997 it is used as a museum.

The most famous prisoner was Nelson Mandela, who was arrested because of his activities against the apartheid policy, but there were 3,000 other prisoners besides from him too. The tour through the prison was really interesting and we learned a lot about this country, the apartheid and mostly the prison itself, because we never really looked into the history of the prison. The tour guide was a former prisoner and was able to give us much background informations and his impressions, which gave us a better impression of how the prison was. We also saw alot of things like Mandela’s cell, the limestone mine or penguins.

So all in all, it was an really interesting trip, where we learned alot of new stuff.

Nele & Richard

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