Do the winters become warmer and why?

Is the winter getting warmer?

Snow, hot chocolate and warm blankets.
There is a lot to look forward to when winter arrives, but will all this still be possible in a few years? Or will we need to go to the north? In the recent years due to climate change, winters have become warmer. For example, 2021, together with 2009, was the warmest year in germany. The mean temperature was 9.2 °C. The value is above the international valid reference period 1961-1990.

How is the human related to global warming?

People consume a lot of energy, e.g. through engines, factories and cars, this is mostly generated with combustion, which produces various greenhouse gases (e.g.: CO2, methane). The gases rise into the atmosphere, through which the sun’s rays and heat reach the earth. Thanks to the large amount of CO2 and methane, the atmosphere thickens and becomes a kind of barrier. As a result, the heat cannot travel back into space and is radiated back to earth.

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