District six

District six is a part of cape town. It was founded in 1867. District six was the home for 60.000 Cape town citizen, slaves, dealers, artists and immigrants. In 1913, the law was passed that black people could only own a small amount of land. It was supposed to regulate the move-in of Black people. This was the reason for the africanes to build their their own small town. For a long time, this applied only to blacks. Later also for coloureds and asiate. Throughout South African history, many laws have been made for racial segregation in Africa. So that they developed differently. In 1958 there was the group area act, that

each race lives in its own area. In 1966, neighborhoods were designated as residential areas for whites people. Non-white people had to leave the city within a few days. Many were relocated to so-called Cape Flats. As a result, the factories and houses of black people were destroyed. Most importantly, white people were above everyone.

Lilli, Alexis, Safaa

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