Different perspectives on Sustainability

Today we prepared a little presentation for the others about the topic Sustainability. We had chosen some subheadings to talk about them. Sustainability in the peatlands
Peatlands are huge CO2 stores. They’re saving a lot more CO2 than the forest.
a few lines where Lisa explained the main thing about peatlands:

Waters draining away
Leave the soil C02 less and dry
The CO2 is back in the air
climate change will go further
So block the water drains
To rewet the meadows again

Sustainability in relation to water
Water management sustainability concepts serve to protect water resources and the integrated management of river basins and seas. This includes concepts such as careful use of water in private households or water reuse in industry and agriculture. Intelligent irrigation systems for trees in cities and municipalities serve to reduce drought damage and the targeted use of water as a resource in urban irrigation.

Sustainability in the forest
Sustainability comes originally from the forest
Sustainability especially to renew the forests
This week we learned a lot about the Regeneration of the forest. Long time ago most of the people just build up monocultures in the forest. This was very bad for the soil because it has become acidic and has so few nutrients. Nowadays many foresters are trying to plant mixed forests again, which is also better for the soil because it has a lot of nutrients. In this way, new plants can also grow better and the entire forest can regenerate better. Jan, our ranger, also confirmed to us that foresters only cut down so many trees that the forest can regenerate and plants are preserved.

Nele, Emily, Gretchon, Lisa, Ashlinn

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