Day zero

Day zero was when there was a usage of water.People were gavin 350 liters per day,with that South Africa was the first Global country to go through this crisis. South Africa became more dangerously close to have no water in the dams. Therefore they started to cut down trees, because trees take much water from the ground. The only tress that was cut down was the non- indigenous trees. Some how by doing that we were able to save water.

However till today in Delft we have this crisis ongoing. Day zero honestly did affect me and my family, because you can imagine if you have a garden and you only have 350 liters of water do you think the garden would survive?


Southern Africa

Africa is the most variable continent on earth, why because it has high dependence on soil. However this affects food security. In some African countries they face many energy crises, because they depend on hydro energy that if there is no rain there is no energy.

Cape town is also variable because it is a land lock , that if the sea level rises Cape might be washed away . Then we have Malchin ,malchin is quite far from the ocean but the lakes are rising that it might affect the entire area.


Cape town

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