Day 3 Why tree’s are important to world

What we learnt on day three

Why we leave dead trees in the forest?

It’s good for biodiversity and to feed animals. It’s also keeps the ground moisturized.

What is monoculture?

When only one type of tree is growing

Why is monoculture not that good?

Because the soil has a low ph ,meaning there’s a type of asset in the soil that prevents fast growth.

Why mixed forest good ?

Because the ph is high meaning the soil is rich and the trees grows a bit faster it’s good for the forest


3 (main points ) aspects forest is doing for us

Using (paper ,furniture)

Protection (filters water,air, saves CO2, breaks noise , good soil better trees / more trees

Recreation (relax,therapy part )


We also learnt how a beach and oak tree looks and how its differences

A oak tree has a rough texture on the outside and it’s good for furniture .You can also use it to build things outdoors


A beach tree is smooth on the outside and is good for furniture


We learnt how to shave trees

We also learnt that the beach trees bark can burn very fast if you light it with a lighter




South Africa&Germany

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